Art Leasing

Well, my works have evidently interested you!

Of course, it is possible purchase sculptures, mosaics or applied objects from me.

Due to the peculiarity of the material, each stone sculpture is clearly unique. Lasting value is imparted to foyers, waiting rooms, shopping malls or private homes by the installation of such a work of art.
Should you be interested in a sculpture, but unable to currently afford such an investment, it is possible to make use of my Art – Leasing arrangement, which is becoming particularly popular within large companies. Making use of this arrangement automatically gives the art-lessee first option of purchase, but is not binding. This option also enables you to either simultaneously enjoy more than one sculpture, or to bring more variety into your life with the alternation of a number of different pieces.

Individual pieces, for example those made of bronze or aluminium, which are thematically related to your business make unusual and interesting marketing gifts for your most prized clients. By deciding the number of pieces per edition, you would personally be responsible for the value of these gifts. From keyring holders to table sculptures, the possibilties for your company are endless!

Have you or your company ever wanted to make an office party or function more interesting by including an exhibition of art or sculpture, but thought that it is too much trouble? I will gladly take over the organisation of the entire exhibition, from the choice of artists to the transportation of artwork to and from the studios.
Although mosaics are traditionally thought of in a two-dimensional form, I have taken this concept and adapted it to make interiors unusual and unique. I will use your ideas and transform tables, walls or floors. To finish them off, the mosaics are set either in wood, or in absolutely weatherproof stainless steel.