Most of my works were inspired by the daily news. So, many of my sculptures are turning into a three-dimensional diary. On the daily news, you often only hear about the bad things happening around the world. That, however, is what the people like to hear and see, always believing they will never find themselves in the same situation. In my works, I want to think about them with distance.
I think stone is the best medium to express time and this is the main reason I used this material in my sculptures. My work cannot give the answers to daily events. It gives me the possibility to express the extremely different influences: on one hand, trust in modern high-technology, on the other the wish to feel safe all the time like a child in the arms of his mother. I try to make visible how thin and sensitive the architecture of the construction between life and death can be.

The human form is the focus of my activities as a sculptor. The motivation and objective of my work is to question existing values and standards using my sculptures as a means of provoking new ideas. Communication — not about, but through my work — is of the essence. This communication challenges ignorance, misinterpretation and lack of understanding. It would be presumptuous, and contrary to my motivation, to deny that disapproval and absence of understanding do exist. However, as with much art these days, open-mindedness is a matter of importance in gaining access to my work.

I am looking for a critical but unprejudiced approach to my work. This is the only way of comprehending my sculptures, to qualify them as good or bad, as right or wrong. I do not make judgments, neither do I claim universality. My work is the expression of open criticism towards the manifestation of generally established values. In practice, this means I am questioning the social contradictions that present themselves as conflicts or taboos (i.e. idealism vs. materialism, tradition vs. progress, sexuality vs. morality) as well as the moral and ethical norms resulting therefrom.

Stone, whilst used by artists for thousands of years, maintains its importance in this field even today. This ancient in Man, rooted in Stone, is present in this medium, to be sometimes released, creating a level of fascinating eroticism. Other than in clay or metal, the tension slowly and steadily rises as I sculpt, until a point is reached where the stone dictates that the work is finished. It is at this point of the greatest tension, that I am stimulated to create something new. It is a characteristic of my work that the form must sometimes be completed by the observer, thereby creating a dialogue.